Natural Pesticides For Your Yard

As spring arrives and crocuses and tulips begin to pop up in your yard, less desirable visitors of spring will be arriving as well. If you tend to get fleas, fireants, grubs or mites in your yard, you might be tempted to call an exterminator. Pesticides can be applied to your lawn and should, in most cases, greatly reduce or eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, toxic pesticides create some problems...
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Custom Closets: Professional vs. DIY

The time has come to consider putting a custom organization system in your closets or pantry. Perhaps you’ve accumulated so much “stuff” that you can barely fit what you have in your storage space. Or maybe you are just sick and tired of never knowing where things are, and of running late due to a general sense of disorganization. No matter what the situation, if you are thinking about having...
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How to Take Control of Your Garage

Is your garage overflowing with boxes, tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, and more? Are you having trouble finding space to park your car in the garage? If so, you might want to consider a garage storage system. From ceiling to floor, your garage has the potential to store a lot of your belongings! The key is to optimize the space in order to store as much as possible without having it look...
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Must-Have Items for Garage Organization

The garage is usually the largest storage area in the home. When you’re dealing with a large space and a lot of items that need to be stored in that space, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the clutter that accumulates. The key to good garage organization is having the proper tools at your disposal. If you have a place for everything, that makes it much simpler to keep everything in its place! Here...
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Benefits of a Custom Laundry Room

Ahh, laundry: If you have a busy household, it might seem as though you are no sooner finished folding and hanging that last load of clothes, when the hamper is half-full once again! Laundry has a way of taking over if it’s neglected for more than a day or two, doesn’t it? It takes several hours per week to keep it all organized, to get it separated, stain-sticked, washed, dried, ironed, hung,...

What Are the Benefits of a Custom Closet System?

You’ve probably seen photographs of celebrity closets, and maybe even someone you know has a beautifully designed custom closet system in their home. While they look nice and bring a hint of luxury to an otherwise boring storage area, are there really any benefits? In fact, a custom closet can make a big difference in the way that your home functions, and they can even save you money! Here are some...

Closet Accessories: Must-Haves for Closet Organization

You’ve heard it said that accessories make the man (or woman). Closet accessories can make your closet, too. Storage spaces are best optimized with accessories that are designed to hold specific items, and closet accessories do exactly that. If you are having your closet customized, or if you just want to add some organization to your cluttered closet, here are some of the best closet accessories...

How To Set Up Your Home Office

With a growing number of Americans working from home each year, there are many homeowners who are considering having home offices built, if they don’t already have them. If you have a spare guest room, this might seem like the most logical place for your home office. If you don’t have an extra room, you might be wondering how you can squeeze a home office into the space you have available. Whether...
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Why You Should Use Pavers For Your Next Patio

Pavers have advantages over nearly every other sort of material a homeowner could build their patio with. The one draw back with pavers is that they’re expensive and it takes some time to lay them, especially if they’re laid in wet mortar over concrete. However, a good many paver patios in Columbus oh were created by laying the pavers using the dry mortar method, where the pavers are laid on a...
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Getting Organized for Back to School

It’s that time of year again: Yellow buses are on the road, school supplies are on sale, and backpack-clad kids can be seen out and about early in the morning. That’s right, school’s in session once again. Moms and dads everywhere may be breathing a sigh of relief, but back-to-school is one time of the year when a lack of organization can catch up with you after a laid-back summer. It’s time...
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How To Choose The Right Custom Closet Company.

Everyone can appreciate the importance of having an organized closet, where items can easily be stowed and found, and where they will stay wrinkle free. However, it is difficult to keep a closet that is designed poorly organized. Only closets built to peoples specific needs are ideally suited to provide optimized organization. The best designers that help with the custom closets New Jersey residents...
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