Closet Accessories: Must-Haves for Closet Organization


You’ve heard it said that accessories make the man (or woman). Closet accessories can make your closet, too. Storage spaces are best optimized with accessories that are designed to hold specific items, and closet accessories do exactly that. If you are having your closet customized, or if you just want to add some organization to your cluttered closet, here are some of the best closet accessories to consider:

  • Hangers
    You probably don’t think of hangers as closet accessories, but that’s what they are! You need hangers in your closet to hold most of your clothing. The difficult part is understanding which type of hanger is best for each type of apparel. There are some general tips for choosing hangers. The first is that you should not use wire hangers for anything. If you get them from your dry cleaner, transfer the clothing to plastic or wooden hangers, and bring them back to the cleaners the next time you go. Tubular plastic and molded plastic hangers will work great for most of your clothing. You also might want a few wood hangers, padded hangers and specialty hangers. You can read an informative article on which types of hangers to buy on Vervegirl

  • Jewelry Trays
    Some of your most valuable items might be heirloom or precious jewelry. Even if you don’t have expensive pieces, you probably know the frustration of having your necklaces tangle together and your earring backings disappear. Keeping your jewelry in your closet keeps it out of sight, and it can also keep it well-protected from damage if you use an appropriate jewelry tray. These are often lined with velvet, silk or satin, and they can keep your pieces safe from moisture and damage from rubbing against other pieces. Read these good tips on how to safely store your jewelry at Closet Designs and More.
  • Belt and Tie Racks
    If you or your partner have a big collection of belts or ties, then a belt or tie rack can go a long way toward keeping them in good condition. When you don’t store belts properly, they tend to slither to the floor, and may get stepped on or crushed. Ties wrinkle easily, and should be hung neatly in order to keep them looking fresh. You don’t have to feel limited to only hanging belts and ties on your racks, though. Scarves and purses are other items that might do well hung from a dedicated rack.
  • Shoe Racks
    Finally, you will want to have a place to store all of your shoes. Depending on whether you have a large or small shoe collection, you might prefer a simple over-the-door shoe rack, or a more extensive rack built out of wood and placed on the floor or against one wall of the closet. Storing shoes in shoeboxes makes it difficult to find what you need, and just tossing them on the floor of your closet can result in damage to the shoes (and injury to you, if you trip over them!). A good shoe rack will keep your shoes relatively dust-free, too.

You can pick up these closet accessories at a home improvement store, build them yourself, or hire a custom closet company to design and build them for you. Adding accessories to your closet will result in greater organization and less stress and clutter!


Author is Bill Fletcher Bill is the owner of Closet Designs and More and serves the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Closet Designs and More specializes in home organization,custom closets and storage organizer systems.

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