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Benefits of a Custom Laundry Room

Ahh, laundry: If you have a busy household, it might seem as though you are no sooner finished folding and hanging that last load of clothes, when the hamper is half-full once again! Laundry has a way of taking over if it’s neglected for more than a day or two, doesn’t it? It takes several hours per week to keep it all organized, to get it separated, stain-sticked, washed, dried, ironed, hung,...

What Are the Benefits of a Custom Closet System?

You’ve probably seen photographs of celebrity closets, and maybe even someone you know has a beautifully designed custom closet system in their home. While they look nice and bring a hint of luxury to an otherwise boring storage area, are there really any benefits? In fact, a custom closet can make a big difference in the way that your home functions, and they can even save you money! Here are some...

Closet Accessories: Must-Haves for Closet Organization

You’ve heard it said that accessories make the man (or woman). Closet accessories can make your closet, too. Storage spaces are best optimized with accessories that are designed to hold specific items, and closet accessories do exactly that. If you are having your closet customized, or if you just want to add some organization to your cluttered closet, here are some of the best closet accessories...
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