Why You Should Use Pavers For Your Next Patio


Pavers have advantages over nearly every other sort of material a homeowner could build their patio with. The one draw back with pavers is that they’re expensive and it takes some time to lay them, especially if they’re laid in wet mortar over concrete. However, a good many paver patios in Columbus oh were created by laying the pavers using the dry mortar method, where the pavers are laid on a base of three to four inches of gravel beneath a three inch layer of dry mix mortar. The joints between the pavers are filled up with dry mix, then the entire surface is gently hosed down to allow the mortar to set.
Wood is not good for a patio because of the wear and tear it will be subject to. Concrete blocks aren’t as esthetically pleasing. But pavers can be laid in all kinds of beautiful patterns, including herringbone, basket weave, running bond and ladder weave.

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